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He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

(Matthew 13:11)


Chief Apostles Gregory &

Dr. Tangerine K. Hope

Gregory Hope along with his wife Tangerine Hope are the Senior Pastors of Kingdom Now Apostolic Center of Ocala FL and Dallas TX. They also serve as Chief Apostles of Kingdom Hope International Apostolic Leadership Alliance, which is a Global Affiliation of Five-Fold Ministry Leaders. 


Chief Apostle Gregory Hope's mandate is to build the Church according to the heavenly pattern that have been given him by the Holy Spirit and establish the Church in a Present-Day Truth through Revelation Knowledge, Kingdom Strategies and Biblical Principles.


God has made him a steward of the mysteries of the Kingdom and he preaches an end time message with a prophetic thrust that will empower humanity with Miracles, Signs, and Wonders following his Ministry.


He has the precepts of a Teacher, the heart of a Pastor, the fire of an Evangelist, the sight of the Prophet, and releases the Mind of Christ as an Apostle. He is a Spiritual Father, Small Business owner, Author, Counselor, and has been sent into the earth as an Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven to preach the Kingdom of Light to humanity.

Dr. Tangerine Hope is a co-laborer with her husband and is the President of Todays Leading Women Global Association. Dr. Hope is a Charismatic Motivational Preacher, a General of Intercession, Entrepreneur, Small Business owner, Author and a Gifted Empowerment Coach. She functions under an Apostolic and Prophetic Grace and preaches the message of the Kingdom that reveals the wisdom of God to the church and empowers Believers to know their spiritual inheritance through Jesus Christ as being Lord and Savior. She also Authors the book entitled “Prevailing Against Character Assassination and is Co-Author of The End Time Prophetic Training Manual, Church Government and Let Us Pray Corporate Intercession training manual. 


Her passion is to see the lost saved and the saved live the Abundant Life of the Kingdom of God. Gregory and Tangerine Hope has served the Body of Christ with wisdom, grace and humility for over 20 years.


They both serve under the apostolic covering of Randy Borders, Presiding Bishop of Harvest Church Ministries International (Shelby N.C.) 

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